Privacy Policy

Posted by Edwin Okugbo on 2008-04-16 02:34:22 (5285 Views)

Privacy Policy
Keeping your info safe & sound
We take your privacy very seriously. And so should you.

So have a look around to see what we’re doing with your personal information and how we’re keeping it secure.

Read our privacy promise.


The Spectascope privacy promise

Spectascope is a public service news media. Everything we do has to benefit you, our audience.

We can give you more of what you love when we understand you better. Using your data to benefit you in ways that will enrich you

1. Personalizing Spectascope for you

It helps us make the Spectascope more personal for you. It means we can:

Recommend things we think may be of interest to you
publish news content that’s relevant to where you live
Make sure you can use things that are appropriate for your age and demography

2. A better Spectascope for everyone

As a public news service, As more of our content gets consumed online, we need to understand who's consuming it. We want to learn what you love to make better future programming for everyone.

What our privacy promise says

Our privacy promise covers how we treat your data and put you in control of what happens to it. It’s based around three main areas…


We will always explain clearly what data we’re collecting about you and why. We will only collect data we need to:

give you a better experience
improve our services
fulfil our responsibilities as a public service.


It’s up to you how you use our services.

Because we’re a public service, we will help you make informed decisions about your data, so everyone can get the best out of digital technologies and Spectascope.


We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

We promise to never sell your personal details to anyone and to only use your data commercially if you're using a commercial Spectascope service.


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