We Will Attack You If You Support Restructuring -Northern Youths Warn Northern Leaders

Posted by Ifeanyi Okugbo on 2017-07-22 12:44:04 (2286 Views)

We Will Attack You If You Support Restructuring -Northern Youths Warn Northern Leaders
A group of Northern Youths, known as "Concerned Northern Youth" have seriously warned Politicians and leaders from the North to stay away from the agitation and request to
restructure Nigeria.

The group vowed to make anyone from the North who supports restructuring“pay with his/her life”, according to a statement signed by Usman Tijani
for the group.

Only recently, the All Progressive Congress, APC, led Government appointedGovernor Nasir El-Rufai as Chairman, Committee For Restructuring.
El-Rufai had in the past spoken against restructuring.

The move by APC is seen as a response to the calls for the restructuringof Nigeria in the wake of agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra,
IPOB to secede from Nigeria.
Read the full text of the statement copied to Northern Governors, Northern lawmakers, Northern elders, Northern elder statesmen and political class,

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From our secret meetings, we the Arewa youths have discovered that you; our Northern politicians, are yielding to pressure of restructuring

We want to make it clear to you that we don’t need restructuring, restructuring is the last thing that will happen in this country, you
politicians have enjoyed your days so much that you now want to turn Nigeria upside down against we the younger citizens of the Northern

You want to put us, our children’s and our children’s children into an everlasting suffering with the nonsense restructuring.
We want to make it clear that Nigeria will never be restructured and any attempt to do that will be scattered with a share of blood.

This days it is we the youth that will give orders of what will happen because we have discovered that we are more intelligent and more sensible
than our politicians.
Any attempt to refuse our orders will result to a mass massacre of our Northern politicians.

Yes! We will as well sacrifice our own lives on that, so please be warned, this is no longer time for utmost loyalty and sheepish followership.
We are ready to take laws into our hands if you don’t heed to our suggestions.

We are suggesting that Nigeria should be divided into two; infact Nigeria must be divided into two.

1. The Igbos should be sent away from Nigeria; no amount of begging should make them to remain in Nigeria, and if the South South wish they
can follow them.

2. The SOUTH WEST and NORTH must remain together as Nigeria as we are the two regions that have always wanted to stay as Nigerians, The North and
West have never agitated to get away from Nigeria since its existence. If it is the oil that we are fighting for, at least we have oil in Lagos
and some other parts of the west, the mid-western part, which is Edo and Warri part of Delta state will be with us as Nigeria.

We the Arewa youths are not in support of RESTRUCTURING, we are in support of DIVISION.

Divide Nigeria into 2 now, we will never be alive to see Nigeria restructured into regional government which is what other regions are
talking about.

Any Northern politician who ever participate in the restructuring of this country must pay with his/her life.

We say no to restructuring, divide this country into two now; send the Biafra’s out from this country that’s our stand on the unity of the
country. We are speaking the minds of the poor suffering Northerners not the rich enjoying Northerners.

Listen to us now before it is too late.


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