Funny Pictures From Sapele Protests Against Poor Power Supply And High Bills

Funny Pictures From Sapele Protests Against Poor Power Supply And High Bills
Posted by Ifeanyi Okugbo on 2017-02-25 21:58:35 (596 Views)

Funny Pictures From Sapele Protests Against Poor Power Supply And High Bills

REPROT by Sapele Oghenek

Sapele was shut down yesterday 24th Feb, 2017 when youths protested against poor power supply and high billing.

Below are some humorous pictures taken during the protest and shared on a facebook page

His report


Everybody give chance make I hail Sapele people worldwide and most especially those wey honour the call to fight for deir right. I pull my cap,kneel down for ground,raise my two hands up to salute everybody wey contribute and come out during the Mother peaceful protest yesterday, wey shutdown SAPELE Amukpe round about for just 3Hours.

Also we thank all the Security leaders wey dey on ground to make sure say,hoodlums nor hijack the protest take and things nor spoil.

I Sapele Oghenek, a.k.a Sapele Tafia wish to thank unu for unu concern and quietness towards our protest and needs.

I believe say unu see the crowd wey come out yesterday, to demand for their right. From my desk,this na "warning protest". Sapele don dey suffer light since and yet we dey pay bills,then you Mrs Funke say we nor dey pay bills. I laugh.
We dey generate light and dey distribute light to neighboring communities and yet dey suffer for darkness. We say NO to 3Hours,4Hours and 8Hours light. All we want na minimum of 16Hours light and nothing less. The National Grid stands tall at 3,500MW. So if we fit dey get 8Hours with 2,000MW then we need a reasonable hour of 16Hours light. Also as host community we need license from Federal Government to instruct NIPP to give us Light directly. We don tire to wait for our leaders to speak for us and since them dey enjoy Line33, there is NO way dem go understand our pains,so we are ready to take the bull by the horn and fight to achieve a better result.

We dey disappointed, as Mr Okpala of NIPP run leave Office,wen we reach Ogorode but thank God for Mr Charles from PHCN wey dey on ground to address the people but we leave a message to all unu. We don dey receive calls from all sectors calling for meeting. We go attend all the meetings and if by 21 working days,light nor increase make Bedc and NIPP expect us again.

If we come out again,we go Sidon for Amukpe Round about,for 8Hours. We go cook Ukodo (Yam and Pepper soup) and bring out curfew with Funke picture and do the burial of Mrs Funke. As we go dig ground for Amukpe Roundabout and celebrate Funke Burial openly for hours before we go return back to NIPP to beg them to leave Sapele or power Sapele.
This nor be personal fight,na collective fight,so all measures must be put into consideration. We dey see and witness light now,most especially during the early hours and for night but most areas still dey darkness,most transformers still dey off etc. Bedc repair failed Transformers, Distribute Prepaid Meters and Power Sapele better light. 8Hours nor go keep us quiet so consider your head otherwise the next protest nor go funny.
Make we nor dey carried away with this fake light. Wetin Bedc need do,na to announce the hours wey dem dey supply for us to know if them ready to make us happy or not. We hear say Bedc nor dey gree buy energy from NIPP,as dem dey help to kill activities for Sapele. With this same struggle Federal Government go remember say "Seaport" dey Sapele soon.
Before this protest I call Hon. Evelyn Oboro, wey dey represent us for House Of Rep. She insult me for phone. Very soon we go know who u dey represent and who send you go Abuja. No time for rotten mango anymore. By the time we demand for ur resignation becos since u enter u never move any motion,u go learn how to answer calls.
We all go try dey helep us dey monitor and report the number of Hours wey light dey our Homes and areas so that we go know if really the light improve or na scam (the more u look,d less u see).

We commend everybody efforts as we beg us not to relent until things change. Sapele lost glory must be restored.

I Remain The Otota1 Of Sapele.
The Ukpe1 Of Okpe Kingdom.
The Asamaigor1 Of Warri Kingdom.
The Eagle Eyes Of Delta State.
God Bless Sapele.
If u support this peaceful protest,say Hi.
If u want us to stop,say Nil and give ur reasons.


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